About TASI

TASI Automation(Tianjin) Co., Ltd is a leading automation solution provider.

We can offer service in Tianjin, Suzhou and Shanghai. TASI is capable to deliver the turn key solution for assembly and test line for automotive components, life sciences application.

TASI is the official distributor of the UR robot, Mir Robot and ONROT EOR solution from Europe. TASI is Qualified with ISO9001 System.

MiAmp is TASI ‘s afflicted company focusing on the test field.

Test Machine for Automotive components

Process control Management

Robot Application Solution

TANO is TASI ‘s afflicted company focusing on Cobot Application and Sales.

Cobot ‘s sales

Cobot’s application

Logistics Automation

TASI’s service center in East of China

JITA is TASI’s afflicted company focusing on Automation and Equipment Research.

Located in Yangtze River Delta International R & D Industrial Park

Customized Intelligent Automation

Research and Design for the Customized Automation Solution and Component



TEL: 022-59958996
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